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A Phase II Study to Test the Efficacy of AB928 (Dual Adenosine Receptor Antagonist) and AB122 (a PD1 Checkpoint Inhibitor) in Combination With Short Course Radiotherapy and Consolidation Chemotherapy for Rectal Cancer. (PANTHER) NCT05024097. Click here to enquire about this study.

  • IRB 21-02023289

Randomized Phase II Trial of Five or Two MRI-Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy Treatments for Prostate Cancer (FORT). NCT04984343 Click here to enquire about this study.

  • IRB 21-02023315

The DIGNITY Study (De-convoluting interactions between genes, the cancer environment, and the immune system to develop therapies that work for you). NCT05134779 Click here to enquire about this study.

  • IRB 21-06023682 

A Multi-Center study of Androgen Suppression with abiraterone aCetate, LEuprolide, PARP Inhibition and Stereotactic body radiotherapy (ASCLEPIuS): A phase I/2 trial in high risk or node positive prostate cancer - (SPONSOR - University of Michigan) Click here to enquire about this study.

  • IRB 20-10022843

Randomized Phase II Trial of Salvage Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer In 4 Weeks v. 2 Weeks (SHORTER). (NCT04422132) Click here to enquire about this study.

  • IRB# 20-03021572 

NYP- WELCOME trial (Weill Cornell Medicine Employees) Click here to sign up for this study.

  •  IRB# 20-04021831

Prone partial breast irradiation (PBI): Prospective randomized controlled non-inferiority trial to compare radiation fibrosis with five versus three fractions (NCT02755896) Click here to enquire about this study.

  • IRB # 1505016201

Accelerated Radiation Therapy (ART) To the Breast and Nodal Stations after Neo-Adjuvant Chemotherapy and Surgery: A Feasibility Study (NCT02917421)Click here to enquire about this study.

  • IRB # 1602017017    

Pembrolizumab and Stereotactic Radiosurgery (Srs) Of Selected Brain Metastases In Breast Cancer Patients (NCT03449238)Click here to enquire about this study. 

  • IRB # 1710018694

PRE-ProstAtectomy MRI-GuidEd Stereotactic Body RadioTherapy for High-Risk Prostate Cancer Trial (PREPARE SBRT) (NCT03663218)Click here to enquire about this study. 

  • IRB # 1712018849

 Prospective Randomized study of Accelerated Radiation Therapy (PRART) (NCT04175210). Click here to enquire about this study.

  • IRB # 19-07020533

Converting HR+ Breast Cancer Into an Individualized Vaccine (NCT03804944). Click here to enquire about this study.

  • IRB # 1808019498

Personalized Second Chance Breast Conservation (PSCBC): A Two Center Prospective Phase II Clinical Study. NCT04371913. Click here to enquire about this study. Click here to enquire about this study.

  • IRB # 19-07020531

Single-Arm Phase II Study of PSMA PET/MR Guided Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy With Simultaneous Integrated Boost (SBRT-SIB) for High-Intermediate and High Risk Prostate Cancer (PSMA SBRT-SIB)  NCT04402151. Click here to enquire about this study.

  • IRB # 19-10020928

CIMER: Combined Immunotherapies in Metastatic ER+ Breast Cancer  NCT04563507  . Click here to enquire about this study.

  • IRB # 20-09022641

PRAGMA (Prostate Radio Ablation Guided by Magnetic Resonance Imaging Acquisition) in Metastatic Prostate Cancer NCT04220983. Click here to enquire about this study.

  • IRB# 19-04020263


Not accepting any new patients.  (Closed to enrollment)

Prospective phase II Study of Stereotactic MR-guided on-table Adaptive Radiation Therapy (SMART) for Patients with Borderline or Inoperable Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer. NCT03621644

  • IRB # 19-04020160

Effect of radiotherapy variables on circulating effectors of immune response and local microbiome (NCT03383107)

  • IRB # 1708018471 

Radiation and immune checkpoints blockade in metastatic NSCLC (BMS # CA209-632) (NCT03168464)

  • IRB # 1607017434

RTOG0534: A Phase III Trial of Short Term Androgen Deprivation with Pelvic Lymph Node or Prostate Bed Only RT (SPORT) in Prostate Cancer Patients with a Rising PSA after Radical Prostatectomy (NCT00567580)  

  • IRB # 0810010069 

An Open-Label Multicenter Phase 1b Study of E7046 in Combination with Radiotherapy/ Chemo radiotherapy (RT/CRT) in preoperative treatment of Subjects with Rectum Cancer (NCT03152370)

  • IRB # 1612017834

NRG GU003 - A Randomized Phase III Trial of Hypofractionated Post-Prostatectomy Radiation Therapy (HYPORT) Versus Conventional Post-Prostatectomy Radiation Therapy (COPORT) (NCT03274687)

  • IRB # 1708018460


Closed studies. 

A Phase II randomized controlled trial of PD-1/PDL-1 axis blockade versus PD-1/PDL-1 axis blockade plus radiotherapy in metastatic genitourinary (renal/urothelial) malignancies (NCT03115801)

  • IRB # 1606017369   

MRI-guided Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) With Simultaneous Integrated Boost for Prostate Cancer (SIBRT) (NCT03664193)

  • IRB # 1802019010

ISABR STUDY: A Multi-Site Randomized Phase I/II Study of Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy +/- MEDI 4736 (Durvalumab) for Medically Inoperable Early- Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

  • IRB # 19-04020249

Randomized trial of image-guided stereotactic radiation therapy  (IG-SRT) in prostate cancer (NCT02911922)

  • IRB # 1604017139 

A First-in-Human Study of Repeat Dosing with REGN2810, a Monoclonal, Fully Human Antibody to Programmed Death - 1 (PD-1), as Single Therapy and in Combination with Other Anti-Cancer Therapies in Patients with Advanced Malignancies (NCT02383212)

  • IRB # 1505016229

LY2157299 Monohydrate (LY2157299) and Radiotherapy in Metastatic Breast Cancer (NCT02538471)

  • IRB # 1505016222

Phase I/II study of TLR7 agonist Imiquimod, Cyclophosphamide, and Radiotherapy in Breast Cancer Patients with Chest Wall Recurrence or Skin Metastases (NCT01421017)

  • IRB # 1505016228



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