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Attendees From Around The Globe

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Post Conference Survey Results

Feedback regarding the speakers overall:

  • Great speakers/excellent content and presentations
  • It is expected that there are differences between speakers, but some speakers were very engaging and making their presentations amenable.
  • Outstanding
  • Sandra Demaria put together an excellent program of speakers
  • Some lectures could benefit from either more time of delivery or more focus.
  • Terrific mix of experts in Radiot-biology-therapy and other disciplines that interface with "radio-immune-therapy"
  • Their talent and professionalism exuded through presentation and questions
  • Don't try to put too much information in a 30 minute talk, but give the audience the time to understand the information provided on the slide
  • Very good range of speakers including clinical and pre-clinical experts, I don't think outcomes are available for many clinical trials of immunother/RT combinations apart from PACIFIC but if they are this would be an added bonus, and ideally would include presentation of both toxicity and efficacy outcomes. Debate lots of fun, suggest this is repeated for more specific topics.

Comments regarding the time of year for future conferences:

  • Even a few weeks later into the Fall would be nice in terms of climate
  • I missed the entire first day because it was on the Jewish Holiday
  • It will be difficult with international travel. What about videoconferencing?
  • Keep the same
  • Move away from ASTRO times.
  • Same date should be good
  • Spring
  • There is overlap with the ASTRO Conference
  • Too close to ASTRO and RRS meetings

Recommendations for how future ICIRC programs could be improved:

  • A bit more focus on clinical application of immune therapy please
  • A social event including all attendees was missing in this conference.
  • A warmer room! (reduce air conditioning...)
  • auditorium was excessively cold, and now I am sick.
  • Don't suggest the Bentley Hotel as the place to stay.
  • Avoid duplicated speakers.
  • Greater PR and visibility to increase the size of the audience
  • Have a pair of sessions that explain basic radiotherapy to immunologists and immunology to radiation oncologists
  • It'd be nice to include a second panel type discussion of areas of future research in radiation oncology/immunology for graduate students and/or post docs.
  • larger conference room - perhaps with table set up
  • more clinical emphasis, ideas for clinical trials
  • More social events to intermingle More protocol opportunities. Alternative locations. Allow for social events
  • More social time with reviewing topics and posters from different institutions, a walk of posters with common topics or storyline....
  • NYC and Paris are very attractive but expensive to stay.
  • Social media coverage
  • The auditorium was too strep to go up and down
  • The debate could address a more specific topic, for example high dose versus low dose or single dose versus fractionated dose to induce tumor immunogenicity
  • Include primer on RT, many attendees don't know radiation physics/biology.
  • The room was uncomfortably cold. Other than that I think everything was very well taken care of.
  • More clinical slant to the meeting.

Comments regarding the program overall:

  • Best meeting I attended all year
  • everything was perfect
  • Excellent
  • excellent and enthusiastic group
  • Excellent composition and though provoking.
  • Excellent, very information, good speaker, reasonable registration fee,
  • Great job! Excellent curriculum.
  • Great program
  • I have no suggestions for improvement. The conference was outstanding.
  • It was very well organized
  • It'd be nice to have a digital portal to access some of the presentation materials really nice like this
  • The conference was well done.
  • The poster session was a good part of the meeting, but speakers in general were little interested in talking with poster presenters.
  • I particularly liked the "debate" part. We should consider this in future conferences.
  • Very good program, current, informative, stimulates thinking.
  • very nice workshop!
  • Great job! Hard to see how it could be better
  • Excellent meetings, very good refreshments, exciting location