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International Radiotherapy Immunotherapy Conference



Starting in September 2016, Weill Cornell Medicine and Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus have partnered to establish a joint yearly conference that gathers international experts to present cutting-edge findings spanning from basic to translational and clinical research on the subject of “Radiotherapy Immunotherapy Combinations”. The first meeting was held at Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus, and since then locations were alternated between Paris and New York City to best promote the field by facilitating international interactions and collaborations. The 2 1/2 day conference will include a Continuing Medical Education activity, abstract and poster session, and over 30 speakers. Speakers from major European and North American institutions and from leading groups involved in the field will present their data in order to discuss clinical transfer opportunities. This meeting will be a unique opportunity to cover major fields including immunological biomarkers for patient selection, clinical trial design, and proposals for innovative trial designs. Numerous prospects for brainstorming, learning, and networking will also be available. The number of attendees has been growing steadily since the first edition of the meeting, witnessing a growing interest from a heterogeneous community of basic investigators, translational scientists, and clinicians.


Weill Cornell Medical College is among the top-ranked clinical and medical research centers in the country. It is divided into 24 basic science and patient care departments that focus on the sciences underlying clinical medicine and/or encompass the study, treatment, and prevention of human diseases. The Sandra and Edward Meyer Cancer Center is a collaborative, multidisciplinary research enterprise that engages more than 250 basic scientists, pathologists, bioinformaticians, surgeons, oncologists, radiologists and other clinicians from Weill Cornell Medicine to take fundamental discoveries from bench to bedside, and back again. The joint mission of these two institutions is to ensure that patients have access to emerging new therapies in a supportive and caring environment while training future researchers and recruiting leaders in cancer research and clinical care. Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus is the premier Cancer Centre in Europe, focusing on patient care, research, and teaching. Its mission is to place innovation at the heart of a human, scientific and technological revolution in the fight against cancer. Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus is a source of innovations in treatment and advances in diagnostic techniques. It employs an integrated approach to research, patient care and teaching in order to benefit the patient, and it brings together all the skills which are essential for top quality research in oncology. This encompasses basic research, clinical research, and translational research to link the two.


The first two sessions of the 4th International Conference on Radiotherapy Immunotherapy Combinations are designated as Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities. Commercial entities that support these activities are required to comply with the Standards of Commercial Support of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

Registration periods. Click here to register.

** For additional/bulk social event tickets ($100 per ticket) please email Jane Yuen at Jay2009@med.cornell.edu

** Prices reflected in USD.

Poster abstracts

Candidates must be conference registrants. After registering, please submit abstracts to Tavia Bryan-Samuels at Tab2027@med.cornell.edu

7/15/2019 Deadline for consideration to receive travel award and to be added into the final program booklet.

7/29/2019 Final deadline for abstract submission. 

Poster abstract format guidelines

  • NO phone numbers, hyperlinks, keyword lists,  or figures.
  • Maximum of 500 words (not including title and authors).
  • Paragraph breaks between Title, Author & Institute, abstract body, funding and references.
  • Include: Background, Brief methods, Results and Conclusions.
  • The file must be saved as Word file.
  • Arial, 11 point, black font.
  • For Greek and Scientific symbols, use the Symbol option under the Insert tab in Microsoft Word (or equivalent option in other applications).
  • Single spacing, one-inch margins, left justified.
  • One abstract per submitting author per meeting. Presenting author must be underlined.

Please indicate if the abstract presenter is a student, post-doc or resident, or junior faculty (with specific instructor level). Abstracts submitted will be reviewed by a special committee.

A limited amount of travel awards is available may be given to abstracts those selected. Subject to availability. 

The best poster in two categories, Basic/Translational and Clinical research will receive a prize of $500 each (the award will be announced at the meeting during the poster session). 

2019 LOCATION - Weill Cornell, 1300 York Avenue, Uris Auditorium, New York NY 10065


Silvia Formenti, MD

Weill Cornell Medicine, NY, USA

Eric Deutsch, MD

Gustave Roussy Comprehensive Cancer Campus, Villejuif, France

Sandra Demaria, MD

Weill Cornell Medicine, NY, USA

Lorenzo Galluzzi, PhD

Weill Cornell Medicine, NY, USA

Dmitry Gabrilovich, MD, PhD 

The Wistar Institute, PA, USA

Guido Kroemer, MD, PhD

Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers, Paris, France

Virginia Pascual, MD

Weill Cornell Medicine, NY, USA

George Prendergast, PhD

Lankenau Institute for Medical Research, PA, USA

Ann Klopp, MD, PhD

MD Anderson Cancer Center, TX, USA

Jedd D. Wolchok, MD

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY, USA

Jerome Galon, PhD

Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers, Paris, France

Laurence Zitvogel, MD, PhD

Gustave Roussy Comprehensive Cancer Campus, Villejuif, France

Fatima Mechta-Grigoriou, PhD

Curie Institute, Paris, France

Administrative Contacts: Jane Yuen 212-746-9707 Jay2009@med.cornell.edu or Tavia Bryan-Samuels 212-746-3933 Tab2027@med.cornell.edu

Early Registration period open March. Click here to register.

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